TRAINING COURSE – Picking and Decoding using Lishi Tools – May 31, 2019



Picking and Decoding using Original Lishi Tools

Instructor – Paul J. Kline, RL  and  Sven K. Hellwig Sr., CRL

Course Summary:

  1. All students no matter what level of Locksmith experience, from beginner to seasoned professionals, will greatly benefit from an in-depth Lishi class such as
    this one being offered.
  2. With two expert Lishi instructors, all attendees will receive lots of hands-on individual attention.
  3. Everyone in the class will successfully pick, de-code and generate keys for various makes, years, and models of vehicles. Example; Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, BMW, and others.
  4. In-depth coverage of the tool, the design, and what makes them work so well will be discussed.
  5. Proper methods and learning the right touch, to pick with ease will be achieved.
  6. The precision of the decode/read process will be clearly defined and understood, making the generation of standard and high-security keys a breeze.
  7. Each student will receive an instructional handout and a list of all available Lishi tools. They will be informed on which are the most commonly used, in order to start or continue to build on your collection of tools.
  8. A number of different Lishi applications for the smartphone will be discussed, demonstrated and recommended.
  9. We will also have the new Kwikset and Schlage Lishi picks on hand to demonstrate the ease of their use.


A full day of hand-on Lishi training with 2 instructors to make sure you get the right feel for the tools We will make you an amazingly professional and profitable Locksmith. Invest in yourself, take the day and dive deep into Lishi. After taking this class you will have the skills and confidence to whip out the Lishi tool on all of your car lockouts and lost key replacements. You will amaze your customers with your professionalism and you will get the job done in less time…making you more money. You will be taking the class with other industry professionals so it also a good opportunity to network with people in the business who face the same challenges. Not to mention it is hosted right in sunny Florida …10 minutes to the beach

Lishi Course Completion Certificate

15% Discount On Lishi Products for all attendees

Coffee, Soda & Snacks  (Class will break for a short lunch )


  • Friday May 31, 2019 
    • 9 am to 4 pm


$250.00 for Full Day Course


Hyatt Place
Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port
SW 18 th Avenue | Dania Beach FL | 33004 91



About the Instructors 

Paul J. Kline, RL

Owner: SKH Locksmiths

General Locksmithing auto and Lishi expert, second-generation lifelong exposure to locksmithing, started at the age of 8 in the copilot seat with his father, in 40 years he has learned a thing or two about Locksmithing, primarily automotive experience, owner and operator of Lightening Locksmith Mobil service, 70 plus cars per month.  Currently holds the position of Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association President and GPLA Instructor. Herman Hennsler award recipient. Paul has been an Instructor specializing in automotive and Lishi for several years and has instructed for numerous association education programs. Such as Lishi, Automotive Key Generation, Auto Programmers Made Easy, and Lishi demonstration at Convention shows throughout the country.  Paul owns multiples of all Lishi’s and can expertly demonstrate the use of them with a very small learning curve, making him an excellent instructor in this field.


Sven K. Hellwig Sr., CRL

Owner: SKH Locksmiths

General Locksmithing expert, 37 years auto experience, owner and operator of SKH Locksmiths & Security LLC 1-800-WE-UNLOCK shop and Mobil service, since 1981.  Sven’s shop averages about 10 cars a week and 80 – 100 motorcycles a month at auction. Sven has been an Instructor for 16 years and offers 10 different classes.  Such as lock impressioning, lock picking, transponder chip harvesting, Lishi, automotive key generation and then some, commercial storefront servicing, select hinge installation and more, taught throughout the country.  Sven has a vast knowledge of the locksmith industry and enjoys sharing it with all as a professional instructor and lifelong locksmith. Currently holds the position in the Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association as Board of Director, 2018 Convention General Chairman, and Instructor.  Also, two time Herman Hennsler award recipient.


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